Spiced Apple Cake

You know when you have those last two or three apples remaining but don’t feel like eating them, because there are other, fresher fruits in your pantry? What do you do with them? My usual go-to is to chop them up and make an apple stew or occasionally an apple chutney. Or a small portion … More Spiced Apple Cake

For The Love Of Ciders

“Cider? That’s a girl’s drink.” “You need to grow up and discover adult drinks.” “It’s just fruit juice.” “I guess you can’t handle alcohol?” “Oh, that sweet, fruity drink?” Just some of the reactions I’ve received when I tell people about my new found love for ciders. I usually just shrug and let people continue … More For The Love Of Ciders

Boozy Fruit Cake

I’ve been baking cakes for nearly over two decades now and though I’m a stickler for following recipes, I’ve started taking liberties and doing my own thing (within the pre-defined limits of a recipe of course). Last week’s boozy fruit cake came from a random mélange of recipes of fruit muffins and Christmas cake that … More Boozy Fruit Cake