About Me

My second attempt at more mature blogging, I hope Random Rambling grows to become as popular as my first blog on which I spoke, ranted and raved about all and sundry with the indiscriminate verbal diarrhea of a young 20 year old. Older, a wee-bit more mature and (hopefully) wiser, I started a new blog a couple of years ago, but was unable to sustain a regular flow of posts. Random Rambling is my third foray into the world of blogs and I hope this one has a long and successful tenure.

I tweet as PlainGeets and am known by close friends (only) as Geets. A francophile who started off as an anglophile, I juggle two equally challenging and time-consuming professions. A French teacher in the first half of the day, I shed my academic avataar in the afternoon and morph into a Social Media expert for start-ups.

I love reading, drinking wine, devouring cheese and good food and obsess endlessly about cleanliness. I’ve been to France several times, but still have a lot see in the country which I hope to achieve in the next few years (amen!) after which the intention is to see some more of Europe, simultaneously discovering more of our own country. The dreams are many and I’m breaking my back trying to achieve them all in the hope that hard work bears some fruits soon!

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Kamalini says:

    Good luck with your blog Geets! i’ve attempted twice myself….and the only thing that has stopped me from continuing is my over-dominating Role (motherhood)….as a writer, i have only me and myself to prod, none else. So looking at you, am inspired maybe i could re-hitch my writer Wagon to my Lazy Chillies site yet again! Lovely review, and i shall read more and more. Vas-y, continue! Bon courage chérie, je ne connais pas cet aspect de ta personnalité…quel plaisir!

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