I miss the quiet…

This is going to sound very wrong, but I’ve been feeling it long enough to want to say it out aloud. I miss the quiet of the lockdown months. I miss how everything was so still…and so peaceful. 

I remember how everyone was panicking in the beginning, worrying about shortage of supplies, and how they would be stuck inside their house with no outlet. I was one of those incredibly lucky ones who didn’t experience any shortage, and lived in a lovely and very comfortable house, with someone I loved dearly, and with whom I could happily spend weeks locked away from the rest of the world. And I did exactly that. The lockdown coincided with the arrival of summer, and I happily pulled the curtains and shut out the rest of the world. 

We cooked (…and we cleaned 🧹).

We read, wrote, and worked on DIY projects around the house. 

We watched lots of Netflix (like everyone else), and had long, gourmet evenings with grazing plates.

We worked on our projects (you know that the idea Adaptiv first came to us during the lockdown, right?).

We applied to incubators and accelerators to startup hubs in Europe, and dreamed of flying again.

When I think back to those seemingly languid days, when time seemed to have come to a standstill, I don’t get the same feeling of loneliness, ennui and loss that others do. What I feel is peace. And fulfillment. We made some good memories in those few months of being locked down and unable to do much with the world outside. We also had some of our best ideas during that time. 

When it all ended, we were as eager to get back to life, as everyone else. And we embraced the gradual relaxing of rules and re-opening of public places with as much gusto as everyone else, heading back to our favourite places, exploring, traveling,and accepting as many invitations as our not-very-social selves would permit us…but every now and then, I stop to think back fondly to those weeks, when time seemed to have come to a standstill …and I miss the quiet. 

P.S I also miss those curtains!


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